Covid-19 Update

Hello, church family!

In these strange times in our country and in our world, we want to keep you updated on how we as a congregation will be responding to the COVID-19 virus. As a staff, we are currently praying for God’s leadership in helping us to make difficult decisions that affect everyone. We want you to understand that whatever decision is made, it will be made out of the love for our church members and community, and we hope that you can extend grace regardless of the ensuing decisions.

Because our schools will not be meeting, our church policy is that we follow suit, which means that our Wednesday night activities are cancelled until further notice.

Whether you have already made a decision to stay home and out of the public, or if you have not yet come to that response, we all can be doing things that can be a tremendous help to your church and community. Here are some things you can do:

1) Continue to give and support local ministries.
Our church has operational costs, staff salaries, and benevolent offering funds that need to be considered in the midst of this time of uncertainty. You can give online by going to LONOKEBAPTIST.ORG/GIVE , or simply by clicking HERE.

2) Continue to worship with us.
If it is determined that we will cancel Sunday morning services, make no mistake, we WILL be broadcasting some form of worship service online. There are three ways to watch online:
FACEBOOK - Simply go to , scroll down to find the live stream which will be broadcast from 10:45am - 12:05pm
OUR WEBSITE - You can also watch directly from our church website. Go to and tune in from 10:45am - 12:05pm
ROKU - If you have a Roku device and stream to your TV, you will need to download the BoxCast channel on Roku. From the BoxCast channel, you can search for Lonoke Baptist Church to find all of our broadcasted services.

3) Pray.
Our pastor has reminded us this past Sunday that prayer is not the only thing we can be doing, but it is definitely the BEST thing we can be doing.

We will be doing our best as your staff to keep everyone updated throughout the coming days and weeks, and also to keep you equipped to be able to use this time to do ministry within your family at home, or help you find ways to partner with local ministries (ie. the food pantry).

Each week, on Thursday, information will be posted on all of our outlets (Facebook, Website, Realm, Sunday school Teachers) regarding the upcoming Sunday and the plans for the service.

Let me continue to encourage you that our God is still in control even through this chaos. His provision, His peace, and His hope are all available to us as we trust in Him, His Word, and His promises. May our faith grow and not waiver as we stand strong through these recent events.

~ Your Church Staff