As a church, we constantly as ourselves... "what are we doing?"

Lonoke Baptist Church is making disciples of Jesus Christ who are making disciples in order to see lives transformed by the power of the gospel.

In order to accomplish our mission, Lonoke Baptist Church believes in 5 core values:

  1. We believe in investing in people, not in our own preferences
  2. We believe we should be a blessing, not a burden in all things
  3. We believe all members should be contributors to God's work, not simply consumers of His resources
  4. We believe the church must be passionate, not passive about the work of the Lord
  5. We believe every member must take action, not be apathetic in using their spiritual gifts and abilities to serve

Simply stated, Lonoke Baptist believes in:

  1. People, Not Preferences
  2. Blessing, Not a Burden
  3. Contributors, Not Consumers
  4. Passionate, Not Passive
  5. Action, Not Apathy

Where do you fit in?