Now accepting applications for Summer 2024!

For 2024, we plan to hire 3 interns.  While the Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry will be a primary focus, all interns will serve as church interns, helping in any area that requires additional service.  On the page below, you will be able to apply for an internship here at Lonoke Baptist.  Along with your application, a letter of recommendation from your current pastor will be required as well as three (3) references.  For more information about the Intern Program (ie. job description, salary, etc.) click the button below!

“After this summer (of my internship), day by day, I am just completely overwhelmed and awestruck by God, and I truly don’t think I’ve ever been so close to God. Thank you, LBC, for pouring into us (interns), for giving us this opportunity, encouraging us, helping us take steps of obedience, and just loving us so much!” – Bella Elliott – Student at Ozarka College in Mountain View

“Words cannot describe how God impacted my life while an intern at LBC. The students and the church as a whole allowed me to pour into them and they poured into me just the same.” – Ethan Stanley – Student at Williams Baptist University

“I had the privilege right when I graduated college to serve as the Youth Intern for Lonoke Baptist. The Summer consisted of serving in a number of ways such as helping out the local school with meals, preparing for Wednesday night services, attending camps, and ultimately just being able to build relationships with those around me. Whether you are considering a call to ministry or just love serving the local church, this internship is for you. The staff help to shape and mold you for the future and the skills I built interning and the experience I was able to gain in the local church has shaped me in jobs going forward. If you are looking for something to do with your Summer, look to the local church. Luke 10:2 says that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Be a laborer! Spend your Summer serving, you won’t regret it.” – Rachel Walton – Associate Campus Minister – Carolina BCM, South Carolina

“Interning at LBC over the summer was a great experience for personal growth, as I was challenged at serving in different areas of ministry. I would do it all again.” – Wade Simpson – ASU BCM Campus Missionary – Future IMB Journeyman

Thank you for your interest in serving with us!
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