The club meets on Monday mornings at 7 AM in the youth building starting in January and continuing through Spring Break.  They will have breakfast, a STUDENT-LED devotion, and Scripture memory opportunities. All students are encouraged to attend...  Through the years, my most dedicated and successful students have said that this was their favorite thing about the youth group!

In order for B.A.S.H. to be a success, it needs the help of volunteers to provide breakfast.  In the past, this has been done by parents committing to be responsible for providing breakfast for the students on one of the Mondays on the schedule, although if others in the church want to help, we would love for you to be a part as well.  Once all volunteers have committed, a food schedule and a devotion schedule will be distributed.  Also, church bus transportation is available for those who need to be taken to school each morning.  We usually finish by 7:45.

This year, B.A.S.H. is scheduled to start on Monday, January 25th.  Invite your friends!