SOTO Information

  1. Packing information can be found HERE.  One thing I want to emphasize is on the list is a BIBLE.  This weekend is about growing closer to God and learning how to establish healthy practices in the daily Christian walk (in an effort to strengthen our relationship with Jesus).
    1. It’s also important to pack a FLASHLIGHT.
    2. It is recommended that you pack personal snacks, as refreshment times will be limited. Although we will have bottles of water in the lodge.
  2. We will leave the church parking lot at 4:00 pm on Friday, the 11th. We will NOT be stopping for supper, so please bring something to eat or arrive having already eaten.
  3. We can’t leave until every person has a signed release form, so please turn that in before we leave, or when you get to the bus.  If you haven’t gotten a release form yet, or need another copy, go HERE.
  4. We should arrive back in Lonoke on Sunday afternoon, the 13th around 3:30-4:00 pm.

Important THRIVE Info

Here’s some important info that you’ll want to know as we start 2019:

  1. B.A.S.H. Breakfast Club will be starting on January 14th at 6:45 am.
    1. B.A.S.H. stands for Being Absolutely Sold-out to Him.  The club will meet every Monday morning (as long as school is in session on that day).
    2. Each participating student will memorize scripture each week and pass them off to me.  They will also be responsible for leading a quick devotion on one morning, and by the end of the meetings (Mid-March) must be able to say the books of the Bible from memory.
    3. After the initial meeting on the 14th, meetings will start at 7:00 am.
    4. Each morning after we eat breakfast together and have had our devotion time, I will load the students (the ones who need rides) up on the bus and take them to school.
  2. Sunday School Change
    1. Starting on Sunday, January 20th, I will be meeting with all youth-age students in the youth building’s Big Room prior to them entering their Sunday School classroom.
    2. The times have not changed.  I will just meet with them briefly to discuss upcoming events, information, and to voice prayer requests!
  3. Important Dates to Remember
    1. Super Summer Arkansas registration opens on February 1st.  You can register at SUPERSUMMERARKANSAS.COM.
      1. Super Summer JV dates are June 22-25
      2. Super Summer Senior High dates are June 25-29
    2. PraiseWorks Arkansas registration opens on March 1st.  You can register at PRAISEWORKSARKANSAS.COM.
      1. Dates are July 8-12.